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I M U R, Biawanna – Fever

Written Friday, August 16

Fever is an explicit R&B Pop anthem. There’s so much polish on this track. The beat is so good. The vocal performances are top-tier. I M U R have really exploded in popularity in the electro-R&B genre, which they’ve proven to have total mastery of in their previous releases. It’s ridiculously exciting to see them working with Biawanna, who has been releasing a string of great singles all year. The hype for Biawanna’s impending debut album is palpable. The release of this track kicks that hype into overdrive.

As with every I M U R track the production on Fever is of the highest quality. The samples on the beat give the song a great, minimalist vibe. The swelling synths in the pre-chorus are a nice touch to build to the main hook. Said hook is incredibly catchy. This song will definitely get people moving and singing along. The lyrics are explicit, which I love. I doubt you’ll hear this on the radio, due to the lyrical content, but it’s definitely hit song material.

It’s not really the genre I normally listen to, but this song has sunk its teeth into me.

Listen here:


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