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Sam Tudor – Quotidian Dream

Written Friday, June 21

The maturity of Tudor’s lyricism is a marvel. Songs like Quotidian Boy, Truthful, and Joseph in the Bathroom present Tudor as a top tier storyteller. It’s unexpected for someone of his age to weave tales so gracefully and poignantly. I had the good fortune of seeing Sam and his band live on Granville Island shortly after the release of this album and I was shocked to see for the first time how young he and his bandmates were. I’d been listening to the album a lot at that time but hadn’t yet read anything about the band, and after getting to know his lyrics I was expecting someone a bit older.

Tudor is proof that all people, no matter their age, have important stories to tell. It just happens that Tudor is particularly talented at bringing these stories to life.

Words aside, the album shows a lot of sonic maturity. The fact that Tudor also produced the album is impressive. There’s a lot of nuance in this recording. Revisiting it over a year later, I’m baffled at the quality of it. I liked it at the time of release, but hearing it again with fresh ears I’m convinced it’s one of the best folk rock albums I’ve ever heard.

Tudor isn’t the only one who shines on this album though. The whole band plays expertly. You often hear veteran musicians say music is as much about the notes you don’t play as it is the ones you do. That quality of restraint and patience is strong with Tudor’s band, who always seem to know how to best serve a song without any individual musician bringing too much attention to themselves.

It’s hard to believe Tudor is so early in his career. I can’t wait to see what his next album sounds like. He’ll be an exciting artist to watch for many years to come.

My personal favourite song is Silver Lining Skies, which closes the album. It’s yet another song that shows great emotional maturity. It left a very strong impression on me when I saw it performed live and has since become one of my favourite songs of all time.

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