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Sleepy Gonzales – The Joy of Painting

Written Friday, June 28

Hypnotic and soothing, The Joy of Painting is an ephemeral dream pop masterpiece. Clocking in at only 12 minutes total this EP plays like a meditation, an exercise in focus and patience. The breathy delivery by vocalist Allyson Lowry is flawless. The steady flow of the rhythm section and reverb soaked guitar parts perfectly set the stage for the vocal reverie.

There appears to be a water theme with the track titles: Melting, Sinking, Freezing, Floating, and The Joy of Being a Flowing River. The imagery of these titles is complementary to the sound. Melting, Sinking, and Floating are the three songs with lyrics, while Freezing and The Joy of Being a Flowing River are instrumentals that sound like they’re clips from longer jam sessions. These words definitely describe the feel and tone of these songs.

It’s a wonderfully relaxing album to listen to, calm and steady throughout. The samples lifted from Bob Ross’ TV show The Joy of Painting are a nice touch. As we all know, there’s really nothing more soothing than the voice of Bob Ross. So the juxtaposition of his calming voice with the songs of Sleepy Gonzales is like the ultimate sleeping pill. I mean that in a nice way, of course. Listening to this will probably lower your blood pressure.

Listen to the album here: