Francis Baptiste
Songwriter and Music Journalist

I wrote this song during what was probably the darkest time in my life, amid big life changes after separating with my ex-wife and having to relocate several times for financial and personal reasons. I had moved to the Okanagan to be with my family, then moved back to Vancouver for work, but I wasn’t working full time yet, struggling to pay rent in the most expensive city ever, and wasting way too much money on self-medicating my problems, and spending too much time away from my son as a result. Yet somehow I managed to hold onto a glimmer of hope, this idea that it’s not always gonna be like this. And I won’t always feel so alone. Though I was very isolated at the time, it was reassuring to think that someone was waiting for me on the other side, whether that person was my son, or a close friend, or a future partner, or even just a better version of myself.

Wrote this song shortly after separating with my ex-wife. I spent a lot of nights feeling sorry for myself, drinking too much, getting into all sorts of trouble. I never really wanted to be home, because there were too many memories there, so I spent a lot of time just out on the street, distancing myself from friends, sitting in pubs, waking up in drunk tanks. I’ve cleaned up since then, thank goodness. This cover image on this single was from the last time I got rip-roaring drunk. It’s certainly not a glamorous life.

Aside from playing music, I also spend a lot of my time writing about other people’s music. Before launching this new solo project, this website was primarily a blog for music reviews. Read some music reviews I’ve written here.

My name is Francis Baptiste. I'm an Indigenous singer/songwriter in Vancouver, BC, an avid supporter of the Vancouver music scene, a contributing writer to Citrus Magazine, Permanent Rain Press, Music Existence, City Soundcheck, and the leader of the band Bird Parade. I'm also a recovering alcoholic and a divorced single father. Music and writing help me combat depression and relapse. For me, creativity, productivity, and community are essential to healing. There's so much incredible music in this city. You can learn more about the music I make on this page. I think it's good to be open about what you're dealing with, so below are some funny pictures of me from the last time I relapsed. It's important to find humour in dark times.

Franci Baptiste feeling rough Francis Baptiste binge drinking Francis Baptiste at his worst

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