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Cassidy Waring – Montreal

Written Saturday, December 14

I can’t say enough good things about Cassidy Waring. I’ve written about her previous singles for a few different blogs. You can read my take on her single Nostalgia on City Soundcheck or on Music Existence. She has a new single out today called Montreal that is being premiered on Beat Route. It’s a track […]

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This mini two-song release from Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds has been a recent obsession of mine. It’s straight-forward 80s-style female-fronted rock. I love the subtle use of synths in the bridge of Late Night Love, as well as the rambunctious and often-meandering bass lines during the choruses, and the diverse guitar tones, which […]

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Caitlin Goulet – Dive Deep

Written Friday, December 6

“I need space but I need love. I’m so f*cked up. I’m so f*cked up,” sings Caitlin Goulet on her new single Dive Deep. The song is a poignant exploration of the duplicitous nature of searching for human connection through romantic endeavours while simultaneously not knowing with certainty what your foundational needs are as an […]

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Sleepy Gonzales – mellowtrauma

Written Tuesday, December 3

When this EP first came out I listened to it non-stop for a couple weeks, so much so that I was certain I had already written a review for it. Only recently, looking through some of the old reviews while looking for something good to listen to, did I realize I hadn’t actually gotten around […]

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Alex Maher – Dream Final

Written Friday, November 29

Alex Maher is an avalanche of talent when you see him live. He’s like a one-man music army. Guitar, sax, percussion, and an incredible, soulful voice. He’s a very seasoned performer in the Vancouver music scene, a hardworking musician whose name seems to pop up everywhere. So I was happy to hear that he recently […]

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FRANKIIE – Forget Your Head

Written Tuesday, November 26

If you’re a fan of retro-tinged, dreamy psych-rock, then this is the album for you. Drenched in reverb and delay, Forget Your Head a swirling wispy cauldron of 60s and 70-style rock. It is a full and complete album that offers a lot to the listener in a spectrum of moods and tempos. While the […]

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Alexis Lynn – Things Get Good

Written Friday, November 22

The thing about R&B pop music is it really has to be well-produced. It’s an all or nothing genre when it comes to quality. It’s the fine details in a track that will grant it an air of authenticity and professionalism. All of that is fully present in Alexis Lynn’s debut EP “Things Get Good”. […]

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Willolux – Armour

Written Tuesday, November 19

There is so much on this album for other artists to relate to. Any striving musician or artist, or anyone who is making sacrifices for a goal that may or may not happen will be able to relate to this album, especially the opening track. “There’s no harm in dreaming but there is. I’m giving […]

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The Wild North – Welcome to the Wild North

Written Friday, November 15

Plain and simple, this is the most rock’n album I’ve heard in a long time. It’s got that great warm, vintage tone. Songs like “Even the Greats” and “Let the Wheels Fall Off” would make perfect karaoke night sing-alongs. The classic rock influences are strong throughout these eight songs. It’s a welcome and refreshing wave […]

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Sam Lynch – Darkest Places

Written Wednesday, November 13

There is a gentle and serene quality to Sam Lynch’s voice that is instantly enchanting and beguiling. It grants her storytelling a deeper sense of character. It’s a little extra relatable and heart-wrenching. This collection of songs is short: only three songs adding up to less than a dozen minutes of music. But it’s a […]

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Aza Nabuko – Aza Nabuko

Written Friday, November 8

The self-titled debut from 17-year-old Aza Nabuko is a six-song EP of powerful, emotive pop ballads. Nabuko’s voice has a great range, sonically and emotionally. She’s got a talent for knowing where the “money note” is in her vocal range. She crafts her songs in such a way that the whole thing will build to […]

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Samuel Romero – Know By Heart

Written Tuesday, November 5

This five-song EP by Samuel Romero is a brief and masterful collection of moving folk songs. Romero’s expert guitar playing provides a peaceful and soothing backdrop for his smooth and gentle voice. “Reverence” is a song that celebrates gratitude and gratefulness in everything you know and experience. The string arrangement at the end, performed by […]

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The Living – In This Thing Called Life

Written Friday, November 1

The debut EP from The Living is a cool and smooth serving of soulful R&B. From the first sung notes of the opening track “Them Days” you’re drawn into his voice. The lyrics are universally relatable. “Some days I’m not brave,” The Living sings. “Sometimes I don’t want to leave these gates. Those are the […]

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Nimkish – Heartbreak on the Coast

Written Tuesday, October 29

I first saw Nimkish perform when she used to host the open mic at the Fairview Pub on Broadway. She plugged her phone into the PA and sang one of the songs from this album. That was probably about a year or so before its release. I remember at the time being really impressed with […]

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Gal Gracen – Fantasy Gardens

Written Friday, October 25

As a grow older, I find myself appreciating instrumental music more. The idea of conveying emotion and mood without having to literally state it verbally appeals to me. There are a number of instrumental tracks on Fantasy Gardens. I found myself gravitating toward these tracks a little more with each repeat listen, especially the final […]

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Lightning Dust – Spectre

Written Tuesday, October 22

What an incredible leap forward this album is from their previous effort, Fantasy. While Fantasy was mostly an electronic indie album, heavy with drum machines and retro-sounding synths, Spectre is much more experimental and sonically diverse. From the first track you can tell instantly that this album is going to present something grander and more […]

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Normally I try to stick to reviewing newer releases because there is such an abundance of music that is being released in Vancouver every month that it’s a lot to keep up with. But sometimes an album is so good it seems a crime to not include it on this blog. And it’d be such […]

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Kuri – No Village

Written Tuesday, October 15

No Village is musicianship and composition on another level. From the first swelling notes, the album is elegant and sophisticated in a way I seldom hear. The classical influence merges effortlessly here with more modern rhythm parts. The textures and the mood are so cinematic. These songs convey so much sonically, without the lyrics. It’s […]

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Dan Moxon – Playing With Fire

Written Friday, October 11

The jaunty piano riff that opens the song is a bit reminiscent of the great Sir Elton John. Those playful staccato notes really get things rolling quickly, and it rolls right into a great catchy hook. When the horn joins in you can’t help but feel good. Then the group singing comes in with the […]

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Hello Victim – Come Over

Written Tuesday, October 8

The first single from Vancouver-based trio Hello Victim is a catchy, synth-pop banger. The hook to this song is so good. The way the vocals build into the chorus and right into that perfect money note is so satisfying. It’s impressive what Hello Victim can do with a simple idea. They build on a basic […]

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My name is Francis Baptiste. I'm an Indigenous singer/songwriter in Vancouver, BC, an avid supporter of the Vancouver music scene, a contributing writer to Citrus Magazine, Permanent Rain Press, Music Existence, City Soundcheck, and the leader of the band Bird Parade. I'm also a recovering alcoholic and a divorced single father. Music and writing help me combat depression and relapse. For me, creativity, productivity, and community are essential to healing. There's so much incredible music in this city. You can learn more about the music I make on this page. I think it's good to be open about what you're dealing with, so below are some funny pictures of me from the last time I relapsed. It's important to find humour in dark times.

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