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Swim Team – V

Written Friday, July 26

Bold, brash, unapologetic, and most importantly, expertly executed, V is Vancouver indie of the highest caliber, creativity firing on all cylinders. It’s unique and non-conformist, the kind of album that is sure to have longevity among Vancouver music fans. It’s an album I hope finds a wider audience, because people should hear it and it […]

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Necking – Cut Your Teeth

Written Tuesday, July 23

This album came out on my birthday. And it was probably the first time since high school that I went out of my way to buy a physical copy of an album on the day it was released. And boy was it a great present to myself. The much hyped, much anticipated debut Mint Records […]

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Actors – It Will Come to You

Written Tuesday, July 23

The sound of Actors is that of a carefully curated collection of nostalgic post-punk staples. Classic 80s synth sounds, popping snares and kicks, heavily reverberated guitars, a melancholy and nonchalant vocal performance. Everything about this album oozes cool and hip. And “cool” isn’t really a word I use a lot when describing music. In this […]

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Whelming – Settle

Written Friday, July 19

In only four songs clocking in at about twenty minutes, Whelming displays a wealth of diversity and attention to detail, all while maintaining an auditory identity that is unmistakable, a fingerprint characterized by driving grooves, a smooth and gritty vocal range, and a tastefully restrained and apt rhythm section. Settle presents the listener with all […]

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Haley Blais – Let Yourself Go

Written Friday, July 12

Haley Blais was probably my most listened to Vancouver artist of 2018. Following this album’s release, it promptly went on repeat on my phone and in my car for a few weeks and, even though I’ve heard it a million times now, it’s still in the regular rotation for me. She might be one of […]

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Devours – Iconoclast

Written Friday, July 5

Devours has upped his game in every way with Iconoclast, the follow up to 2016’s Late Bloomer (also a good album). His singing, song composition, and lyricism have all taken a big step forward on this new album. It’s exciting to witness his growth and development as an artist. Jeff Cancade has created a sound […]

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Sleepy Gonzales – The Joy of Painting

Written Friday, June 28

Hypnotic and soothing, The Joy of Painting is an ephemeral dream pop masterpiece. Clocking in at only 12 minutes total this EP plays like a meditation, an exercise in focus and patience. The breathy delivery by vocalist Allyson Lowry is flawless. The steady flow of the rhythm section and reverb soaked guitar parts perfectly set […]

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Sam Tudor – Quotidian Dream

Written Friday, June 21

The maturity of Tudor’s lyricism is a marvel. Songs like Quotidian Boy, Truthful, and Joseph in the Bathroom present Tudor as a top tier storyteller. It’s unexpected for someone of his age to weave tales so gracefully and poignantly. I had the good fortune of seeing Sam and his band live on Granville Island shortly […]

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My name is Francis Baptiste. I'm an Indigenous singer/songwriter in Vancouver, BC, an avid supporter of the Vancouver music scene, a contributing writer to Citrus Magazine, Permanent Rain Press, Music Existence, City Soundcheck, and the leader of the band Bird Parade. I'm also a recovering alcoholic and a divorced single father. Music and writing help me combat depression and relapse. For me, creativity, productivity, and community are essential to healing. There's so much incredible music in this city. You can learn more about the music I make on this page. I think it's good to be open about what you're dealing with, so below are some funny pictures of me from the last time I relapsed. It's important to find humour in dark times.

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