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Adam Bailie – P.O.P.E.

Written Friday, August 30

There are so many different sounds on this album. Each song throws you a bit of a curve. Reggae, blues, folk, pop, drum loops, autotuned vocals, Bailie brings his full bag of tricks within these seven tracks. The versatility of his playing style is impressive. On a song like Still Not Over You, he shows off his skills as a folk guitarist and his ability to write a great melody.

The song One More Round is a great modern folk song. It’d be impossible to no tap your toe to the beat. The chorus is very strong. Meanwhile, the next track, The Struggle, shifts into an R&B vibe with a bluesy guitar and is equally as catchy.

The final song, The Beauty, is a ballad about appreciating the beauty we’re all surrounded by here in the Northwest Coast. The opening line “Don’t you bring them pipelines into the city, don’t believe them white lies to take all the pretty,” sums up the song pretty well. It’s a heartfelt and sincere plead for people to be mindful of what we have here on the coast and what we value (or should value).

Overall, this is a solid release. I have no doubt that Bailie will grow his audience with these tracks. I look forward to seeing him perform them live.

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