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Club Sofa – Club Sofa

Written Friday, August 23

There’s something wonderfully carefree and chill about the self-titled debut from Club Sofa. Though the subject matter of the lyrics isn’t often so peachy, the jaunty upbeat tempos and the playful guitar parts will definitely leave you with good vibes.

Debut albums say so much about a band and their potential. It’s a special kind of creativity, when a band hasn’t yet had the opportunity to fall into their songwriting habits or creative slumps. Everything is brand new and unpredictable. Listening to it front to back, I constantly find myself pleasantly surprised by what comes next. The interplay between the two guitars throughout the eight tracks is great. The bass player does a great job of consistently creating imaginative lines. And the drummer provides a solid backdrop that perfectly compliments the melodies. It’s a unified performance.

While I enjoy the entire album, my favourite tracks are You vs. My Self-Esteem and Stacey. The later starts out sounding like a lounge song. I find the positivity of the lyrics and the chill groove irresistible. It’s just such a fun listen. It’s basically an ode to a friend named Stacey, who the singer wants to be. You vs. My Self-Esteem starts with a quirky keyboard riff. It’s a really happy sounding song, though the lyrics are about a less than ideal relationship. And that juxtaposition comes up a lot throughout the album: upbeat songs paired with melancholic lyrics. It serves as an incredibly relatable portrait of being young in Vancouver.

I’ve had the good fortune of seeing them live a few times, and they definitely bring their upbeat energy to the stage.

All that said, this is about as promising a debut as a band could hope to release. It’s a great album. One can’t help but think these girls are just gonna get better. I’m definitely looking forward to their next release.

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