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Gal Gracen – Fantasy Gardens

Written Friday, October 25

As a grow older, I find myself appreciating instrumental music more. The idea of conveying emotion and mood without having to literally state it verbally appeals to me. There are a number of instrumental tracks on Fantasy Gardens. I found myself gravitating toward these tracks a little more with each repeat listen, especially the final track Orffesque Redux. The title is a nod to German composer Carl Orff. The track is a serene, calming reverie of bird sounds and what sounds like synth bells and maybe some sort of synthesized plucked instrument. It’s so peaceful and introspective.

Another great instrumental track is Winds of Solace, Pillars of Sand. It’s a five-minute clarinet solo on top of some very dreamy loops. It’s like meditation music or thinking music. It makes me want to sit and reflect on life, something I wish a had a bit more time to do.

The other eight songs on the album are great too. The opening track Arcadia is fantastical in its instrumentation and tone. It’s got this chill, bohemian vibe. I don’t really know what to compare it to because it’s not really like anything else I’m listening to. I guess that’s part of what makes it so special.

As is the case with everything that appears on this site, I highly recommend it.

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