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Nimkish – Heartbreak on the Coast

Written Tuesday, October 29

I first saw Nimkish perform when she used to host the open mic at the Fairview Pub on Broadway. She plugged her phone into the PA and sang one of the songs from this album. That was probably about a year or so before its release. I remember at the time being really impressed with the song (can’t recall which one it was now). So when she announced the album was done and about to be released I was sure to put it at the top of my listening list.

It’s a fantastic debut. She has the perfect soft, sensual voice that works so well for this blend of R&B and electronic pop. Her delivery is breathy and hushed, like the mist of a wave. The harmonies throughout the album create a sort of sonic reverie, soothing and calming. Not only does Nimkish write memorable lead melodies but throughout the album the background is full of these floating, choral backup vocals that provide a dreamy backdrop. 

My personal favourite track is “Green”, a catchy and soulful track featuring Mac Ramsay.  At the end of “Green” you get this interlude with a hypnotic backtrack and a spoken word bit by Nimkish. It’s similar to the opening track “Falling (In)” and the closing track “Falling (Out)”. Everything is tied together so uniformly it sounds like a concept album. 

It’s like one cohesive piece of work that expresses this beautiful, deeply personal story of her experiences as an Indigienous/Queer artist. Love, heartbreak, confusion, experimentation–she covers a lot of ground on this release. Even though it’s only about 20 minutes long it feels like a complete journey.

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