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Jordan Heaney writes, produces, and records everything as Yung Heazy. On stage he’s joined by a backing band, but what you hear on the record is all him, and it’s very impressive. The album is eclectic in genre, with tracks pulling in jazz influences, classic rock, pop, folk, and psych. There are a lot of elements at play here. The end result is a collage of sounds that form an expertly rendered portrait of an artist, Jordan Heaney.

A lot of my favourite songs on this album are the more folk sounding, acoustic ballads. They sound like campfire songs for millenials. Tracks like The Follow Through, Time, I Don’t Know Anything, Heroin Soup, and Backup Plan are so laid back and catchy. And it’s those calmer moments that really connect with me personally.

A few months ago I got to see Yung Heazy live at Static Jupiter, and I was surprised to see how much energy they bring to the stage as a full band. Songs that sound chill on the record, like Baby Don’Chu Worry, are actually really rocking when performed live. The same can be said for Comfort and I Don’t Mind. The vibe I get when listening to this album in my car is that of a relaxing Sunday drive. Seeing it live is a totally different experience.

You can definitely hear his influences coming through. John Frusciante, the Beatles, Father John Misty are a few acts that he’s mentioned in past interviews. On most of the tracks you can hear a heavy Frusciante influence in the guitar playing. But the thing that elevates this album is Heaney’s ability to consistently create hooks. Every single song has a catchy chorus, and often a catchy verse melody. That, combined with the melange of influences he’s curated to form his own unique sound, make this a stellar debut.

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